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A survival horror open world game

WRONGED US is a cinematic story driven game set in a small town. The player will explore a detailed and abandoned town while confronting psychological horrors, solving puzzles, and fighting enemies along the way. Players will be free to explore different parts of town, interacting with various NPCs along the way.






WRONGED US is a third-person survival-horror open-world game.

The game is still early in development. It has gone through multiple redesigns and has been in development for almost 3 years now.

WRONGED US has a very dark theme with pervasive violence and gore, so we are expecting PEGI 18.

Dark Souls: The open world and NPC quest design is inspired by Dark Souls. You won’t have any UI telling you where to go or whether you have started, finished, or failed a side quest.

Silent Hill: The story, setting, and atmosphere is inspired by Silent Hill.

Resident Evil: The gameplay and mechanics are inspired by Resident Evil.

The game is being made in a 4:3 aspect ratio, but players will have the option to select a 16:9 ratio.

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